01 Leefee
(Ja: ジュピター Jupiter) is one of the Starter Monsters given to the player at the beginning of the game. After the main storyline is finished it can be found in Star Plains.


Leefees stand on two legs and have a dinosaur-like appearance. Their bodies are mainly green in color and have a lighter shade on their bellies and face. It has matching colored eyes, a beak-like mouth, and a light blue gem in front of its eyes. Leefees also have two pointed-triangular like ears, dark-colored spikes on its back, a small tail, and white claws on its hands and feet. They are the tallest among the three starters. The first four letters in Leefee sound like the word leaf- a carbon based life-form which grows on a plant. The two last letters in Leefee give a 'Y' sound, making Leefee sound as if it were spelled Leafy.

Handbook Data Edit




20.0 lbs


2' 3"


Star Island


Cool, Cute, Small


Fun-loving and playful. They love nothing more than to run, and are very reliable in races.


Leefees can be obtained as one of the starters at the beginning of the game in Star Island. The only other way of getting Leefees are through trade or finishing the game, which allows them to be befriended in Star Plains (this is also the only way you can get its Exotic Form).

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Leefees are the balance types among the three starters. They are rounded in Speed and Power and do not focus on one stat only. They run well in grassy areas.


Starting SkillsEdit

  • Grass (One Circle)

Learned SkillsEdit

Rank 1Edit

Rank 2Edit

Rank 3Edit


  • Rank 1 - Spring Spores
  • Rank 2 - ???
  • Rank 3 - Verdant Veil

Name OriginEdit

Leave derives from a corruption of leafy.

Jupiter derives from Jupiter, the Roman God of the sky and lightning.