Galaxtar (ギャラクシー Galaxy) is a legendary monster in the Star Island region. It is only obtainable after befriending all other legendary monsters in the game. It is also Misaki's partner and main monster.


Galaxtars have a humanoid body in appearance that's covered in tough gray skin. Its head has two long horns on top, two dragon-like wings, and a tail.


Galaxtar is the final legendary that can be obtained in the game after successfully summoning and befriending all seven other legendary monsters. Its altar is in Star Plains at the very end. Like all other legendaries, there is only one Galaxtar per game, but if ever defeated when challenged, it will appear again in the same place until it is befriended.


Galaxtar is one of the Legendary monsters that used by each region's Champion (in this case Misaki)

Stats and AbilitiesEdit